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Health Research Initiative

UCCA Health Reseach grant was instituted in 2012 to promote research on effects of domestic violence on the health of the victims, especially women and children.

Physical, psychological, and emotional abuse may lead to many short-term and long-term illnesses. Such illnesses often remain ignored, undiagnosed, or even misdiagnosed. In case of assualt, medical help is mostly sought for visible physical injuries, ignoring long term effects that may have more serious consequences. It is a fact on record that strangulation may lead to stroke. Researches are now linking illnesses like fibromyalgia to impact of abuse and trauma. These ill effects can continue long after the abuse has ceased or the victim has left the abusive situation. They can impact the lives of witnesses, who are often children, in the same manner.

Through this grant, UCCA aims to draw the attention of researchers, domestic violence workers, victims, their supporters and others to this aspect of domestic violence.

Any individual or agency can apply for this grant. Preference will be given to those with healthcare background.

For more information contact Vikrant Varma at vvarma@ualberta.ca.

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