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Human Rights in the Workplace

Everyone wants to work in an environment that is respectful and free of discrimination. In Canada, human rights acts prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace when they are based on protected grounds, such as race, religion, disability, gender and source of income. An inclusive workplace is a work environment that is fair and free of discrimination.All those who work at such a workplace treat each other with respect. At workplaces where discrimination occurs and is tolerated, the employees feel disrespected and devalued. All employees are protected by human rights that employers cannot ask them to “sign away.” But employees must work together with the employer and other co-workers to build an inclusive workplace because rights come with responsibilities.  Rights and responsibilities are like two sides of a coin. We can only enjoy our rights if we do not interfere with other people’s enjoyment of their rights. A discrimination-free world is possible only when every one of us assumes the responsibility for ending discrimination because both victims and perpetrators are members of the same society and share together its pride and shame. 


Human Rights in the Workplace

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