United Cultures of Canada Association
Unit 2, 810 Saddleback Road NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 4W4
Website: www.ucca.ca
Email: ucca@shaw.ca

Our Initiatives

Enhancing Settlement Experiences of Newcomers

Own Culture, Own Language: Occupational Health and Safety Resources for Ethnocultural Communities

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion: Fostering New Canadians' Commitment

Removing Barriers to Culturally Adapted Mental Health Services

Enhancing Digital Literacy

Not One More Young Life: Enhancing Power of Our Voices to Support Victims of Cyber Sex Crimes

Multicultural Legal Facilitators in the areas of Family, Immigration, Landlord/Tenant and Employment Laws and City Bylaws

Community-based Integrative Restorative Justice Practices for Prevention of Domestic Violence

Strengthening Child Safety with New Immigrant Families in Edmonton

Supporting Edmonton Service Providers

Gender Equality in a Multicultural Context: Justice They Wrote: HerStory of Equality through Verdicts of Canadian Courts

Not My Culture: Perspectives on Woman Abuse

Shaping the Future Together: Not Victims Any Longer

English As Another Language

Community Education for Nicotine Prevention

In Support of Victims: Call for Taking Action 

Citizenship Education Classes

Multicultural Family Law Facilitators (Cultural Liaison Specialists Project)

Enhancing Social Capital: One Strategy, Diverse Voices

Community Collective Response to End Violence

Creating Collective Response to Support Victims: Sharing Responsibilities with New Canadians

Health Impact of Domestic Violence on Victims and Witnesses - A Research Initiative

Settlement Legal Support Workers Project

Enhancing Community Response to Support Victims of Domestic Violence: Crimes, Not Cultures (Publisher: United Cultures of Canada Association)

Cultural Liaison Specialist Project – A needs assessment to develop a team of cultural liaison specialists to support service providers

Multicultural Folktales: World on a Maple Leaf: A Treasury of Canadian Multicultural Folktales (Publisher: Edmonton Public School Board - Resource Development Service)

Organizational Development Project

Building A Collaborative Framework To Prevent International Fraudulent Marriages 

Strengthening Victims' Response: A Self-Help Guide for Victims of Domestic Violence (Publisher: United Cultures of Canada Association)

Enhancing Civic Literacy Among Ethno-Cultural Communities

Creating Inclusive Communities

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